Funf Millionen Mark 1923

Funf Millionen Mark 1923

In the early 1920's, just after World War I, Germany had to cope with the outcome of the Versailles Treaty. As a result they had to pay millions of Reichsmarks in gold to the allied forces, for recovering the damage caused by WWI.

Already in 1922/23 Germany couldn't pay these very high recovery payments. The results were big worker strikings in the industrial Ruhrarea and to pay these workers the German government just pressed more banknotes. Of course this resulted in inflation. To deal with the inflationproblem the government pressed even more banknotes and in 1923 banknotes with amounts of millions on them were handed out and hyperinflation in combination with a downfall economy was a fact.

Nowadays these banknotes are immensely popular among collectors and we are glad that we got a few doubles for sale, from the collection of one of our members.

All are in excellent or near excellent condition!

Up for sale is here a 1923 five million Reichsmark banknote. Hardly any wear and printed only on one side (this was very common feature). The notes number is very low, indicating a first pressing: 13A. 007963
When holding the paper towards the light a beautifull watermark shows (see pictures).

When ordering only one or more banknotes shipment is FREE because of the low weight!!!!

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